Our customers pay as low as $0 out of pocket for their meds*

With a quick Curaa eligibility check, get your prescription meds for as little as $0/mo, without leaving your home

*Patients must already have a prescription for the medication to be eligible.  Curaa is currently not providing medications to new patients without a prescription.  Patients receiving reimbursement under any federally funded Medicare programs (including Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage, Medigap) must meet specific eligibility criteria. Patients receiving reimbursement under Medicaid or TRICARE, Department of Defense, or Veterans Affairs programs are not eligible. Pricing varies by medication for uninsured patients.

Pay as low as $0 out of pocket

for common medications:

Actemra Pen






Forteo Pen




Orencia Pen



Renflexis Pen


Simponi Aria Pen










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I transferred my prescriptions from CVS and couldn't be happier. Now I get my medications delivered at home for free.

It also turned out to be cheaper than CVS. I can't recommend it enough.
Bill S.

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“No one should worry about cost when thinking of health. Curaa has helped my patients by making their meds more affordable and accessible. I trust Curaa for their reliable service and wish them all the success.”

Dr Rewa Sandhu MD, MPH

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most people are eligible for Curaa. 

You are eligible if: 

  1. You have an existing prescription for your medication
  2. You have commercial insurance, no insurance, or have Medicare insurance and meet the criteria for financial need

Unfortunately, people who have Medicaid insurance (and the named state equivalents) or receive reimbursement under TRICARE, Department of Defense, or Veterans Affairs are not eligible for Curaa. 

Check if you are eligible and join Curaa today. 

There is no cost to join Curaa, and conversations with our providers are free. 

Most Curaa customers who have insurance pay $0 for their medication. If there is a cost for filling your prescription, we will call you with the price and confirm that you’d like to fill your medication. You may opt out of Curaa anytime. 

Curaa combs through multiple grants and saving programs with our partner clinics & pharmacies to find the lowest cost for your medication. 

We’ve made joining Curaa an easy 3-step process. 

  1. Check that you’re eligible and complete the patient intake form 
  2. Schedule and meet with our providers to review your medications 
  3. We’ll contact your pharmacy to transfer your prescription and then deliver your medication straight to your door! 

Once you start the eligibility check, we’ll walk you through the remaining steps. Our clinical team is here to answer any questions you have.

Complete the eligibility form to check if your medication is available through Curaa. 

If your medication is not on the list, select “other” and provide the name of your medication. We are continually expanding our medication list and will reach out when your medication is available.

Curaa does not prescribe new medication to patients. If you need a prescription, we recommend visiting your medical provider to obtain the prescription and then coming back to us.

Yes! We accept most major insurance plans. Curaa will help with any out-of-pocket costs your insurance does not cover. Most customers pay $0 after insurance.

If you do not have insurance, Curaa can still help lower the total cost of your medications. Our team will call you with the final price before we fill your prescription.

The video visit with our providers and conversations with our pharmacists are free. We do not need or bill your insurance for these visits.

Curaa is available in most states across the USA. At this time, we are unable to serve patients in Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, North Dakota, and Oklahoma.

All medications are shipped according to the manufacturer’s special handling instructions. Our pharmacists will ensure your medications are delivered to you safely. 

Stephanie Griego, FNP, MSN and Heather Urie, FNP, DNP conduct Curaa’s telehealth visits. 

Physicians Rx Pharmacies, sometimes referred to as PRxP, is our partner pharmacy who will fill and coordinate delivery of your medication. PRxP may contact you to confirm medication and shipping details from the phone number  (212) 724-1950. 

We offer delivery straight to your doorstep. Delivering your medication generally takes 3-5 days after your telehealth visit. 

If you have questions about the program, please reach out to support@curaahealth.com or call 702-790-8276

Physicians Rx Pharmacies (PRxP) Locations

              Physicians Rx Pharmacy LLC
                 9701 Apollo Drive, #400
                 Largo, MD 20774-4791
                 Toll Free Phone & Fax: 888-330-2153
                 Phone Number: 301-477-3367
                 Fax Number: 866-354-1868
                 Hours of Operation: M-F 8am to 4pm
                 ICARE RX LLC
                 14447 Country Walk Dr
                 Miami FL 33186-8104
                 Toll Free Phone & Fax: 888-606-7471
                 Phone Number: 305-251-7414
                 Fax Number: 305-251-3878
                 Hours of Operation: M-F 9am to 5pm

             PRxP of New York Broadway LLC dba Broadway Family Pharmacy
                510 Amsterdam Ave STR1
                New York, New York 10024-4342
                County: New York County
                Toll Free Phone & Fax: 888-609-2064
                Phone Number: 212-724-1950
                Fax Number: 212-724-1946
                Hours of Operation: M-F 9am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm

            PRxP of CA LLC
               4345 E Lowell Street, Suites C & D
               Ontario, CA 91761-2222
               Toll Free Phone & Fax: 888-505-1485
               Phone Number: 760-326-2312
               Fax Number: 760-326-4178
               Hours of Operation: M-F 9am to 5pm 

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