About Us

Your partner in sourcing brand name medications without the cost.

We are a team of committed healthcare professionals who set out to reduce the barriers to accessing medications.

Strength in Partnership

We partner with various organizations including non-profits and other established leaders in the field of health equity. Together, we work hard to help you access your medicines from home whilst saving money.

Making Meds Hassle-Free

Our simple digital intake helps you get your prescriptions without the fuss. Check whether you qualify in under 2 minutes.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to building equitable access to affordable medication for all, free of stress or compromise.

We dedicate ourselves to breaking down barriers and minimizing, if not entirely eliminating, the struggles people face when it comes to rising medication costs. 

We are passionate about delivering the same reliable expert services and care as more expensive options in the market today. 

Curaa works tirelessly towards providing a seamless, streamlined process that connects you to your needs – no out-of-pocket burdens, no credit card hassles.

Our Drive

Each year, more and more Americans are unable to take their prescribed medicines because of rising costs. The latest figures show this affects 32% of the elderly and 50% of people living with chronic illness — and these cost factors are proven to contribute to declining health outcomes.

 The heartbreaking fact is that there are assistance programs designed to help cover the out-of-pocket costs that are limiting your access to medications. But finding the right assistance for your condition, medication, and qualifying criteria can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

That’s why we established Curaa: to remove the barriers between you and the medicines you need. Our team of experts knows the system inside out, and can quickly evaluate the best way to get your medicines covered — so you can relax, knowing your prescription is in safe hands.

Our Process

We take pride in our team of hardworking and dedicated individuals closely monitoring and taking care of our customers.

Step 1

Our expert group of specialists does the research and scoping of medication assistance for you, so you can focus on your other healthcare needs.

Step 2

Our wide range of services includes not only sourcing your medicines, but also quality checking and packing them.

Step 3

Our dependable logistics partner efficiently dispatches and ships your meds, so you can have them on time.

Repeat orders? We keep track of your records so we can have them auto-delivered to you.

Checking your eligibility takes <2 minutes.

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